Clearview Women’s Center in Los Angeles was founded in 2009 as a division of Clearview Treatment Programs. Clearview Founder and Executive Director Michael Roy, LCSW, saw the need for a dedicated treatment center for women with Borderline Personality Disorder after recognizing women weren’t getting the support they needed in a traditional dual diagnosis treatment setting.

AboutSpecialized Women’s Residential Treatment Center

Clearview Women’s Center began as a residential treatment center in Venice Beach, housing six women in a comfortable home about 1 mile from the ocean. With a staff of extensively trained Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) therapists, Clearview became the first comprehensive DBT residential program for women on the West Coast.

That one house eventually expanded to two, allowing us to provide residential treatment to up to 16 women. In our residential program, women can move through various phases as they progress through treatment.

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While women live at one of our two luxurious homes, individual and group therapy is provided at Clearview Center, which feels like a sanctuary in the middle of Venice. Located off a tree-lined residential street, Clearview Center provides the nurturing, safe space needed to feel at ease during treatment. Groups are made up of no more than eight women so we can provide more individualized, intimate treatment.

Successful Integration Back to Everyday Life

In 2011, Clearview Women’s Center opened a DBT day treatment program at Clearview Center, offering six to eight hours of treatment each day. In 2014, the day treatment program relocated to Clearview’s Outpatient Center in Westwood, Calif. This program in the middle of the city allows women to live at home while getting the comprehensive DBT treatment they need to manage their symptoms.

Outpatient treatment is also offered at Clearview’s Outpatient Center as part of Clearview Women’s Center. Our DBT outpatient treatment program is the only program like it in Los Angeles, providing true comprehensive DBT while allowing women to still participate in their daily lives.

Though day treatment and outpatient treatment both began as women’s-only programs, they became co-ed as a way to help women successfully integrate from a women’s-only residential program back to normal, everyday life.

The evolution of Clearview Women’s Center will continue as we strive to offer the best possible treatment to help women make a successful recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder and other psychiatric disorders.

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