Clearview Women's Day Treatment Program for BPD TreatmentPerhaps you would like to participate in residential treatment center for women, but find it cost-prohibitive, or you do not require the 24-hour support afforded by such a program. Perhaps you’ve completed a residential program and you are seeking additional daily structure while living in the comfort of your own home. For any of these scenarios, Clearview’s day treatment program may be the perfect fit.

Clearview’s day treatment program, conveniently located in Westwood, Calif., provides the intensive treatment you need while affording you the ability to reside at home or in a structured living environment. Our day treatment program provides more structure and support than an outpatient program, allowing you to solidify your skills and practice them on a daily basis.

In our day treatment program, you will participate in treatment for seven hours each weekday, receiving customized care and support to manage your symptoms and achieve your goals. In addition, you will forge connections with your fellow clients, giving you the opportunity to put your new skills in motion and begin the process of generalizing them to the outside world.

What Our Day Program Treats

Clearview’s day treatment program is a comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program created to treat a variety of psychiatric disorders. We are one of the only day treatment programs in Southern California that offers true comprehensive DBT, allowing us to provide successful treatment for the following disorders:

How Does Day Treatment Work?

Clearview’s day treatment program was created as part of the continuum of care offered at Clearview Women’s Center. That means you may step down to our day treatment program after completing time in our women’s residential treatment program or you may enter directly at the day treatment level, depending on your needs.

Unlike our residential treatment program, Clearview’s day treatment program is mixed gender. At this level of treatment, we believe you will benefit from interacting with members of the opposite sex, finding areas to relate and receiving alternate perspectives and feedback. We also want you to receive your treatment in a setting that more accurately reflects your life outside of treatment.

Clearview’s day program accepts only nine men and women at a time, ensuring you can focus on your health in an intimate environment and have access to individualized attention and care from our highly trained therapists. All program facilities are warm, nurturing, and intimate.

The core of our day treatment program is comprehensive DBT, meaning you’ll participate in individual DBT therapy and DBT skills groups with expertly trained DBT therapists. You will also receive DBT phone coaching to help generalize your skills. While at Clearview’s day treatment program, you will quickly gain a thorough understanding of all of the core DBT modules and have a wealth of opportunities to put your tools into practice.

You will also participate in a variety of other evidence-based treatment groups that will allow you to target specific issues and behaviors. These include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Seeking Safety for trauma, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), behavioral activation, mindfulness, and mind/body wellness.

During program hours, a therapist or trained staff member will always be available for in-person coaching, allowing you to reinforce your skills in the moment and receive support as needed. After hours, phone coaching is available to all clients so that you always feel supported.

Depending on your needs, you may also have sessions with our staff psychiatrist and dietician.

Should you reside outside of Los Angeles, we would be happy to connect you with transitional living and supportive housing in the area. We are affiliated with multiple programs and can assist you in finding a therapeutic living environment that is conducive to your needs and interests. If you have substance abuse concerns, we can recommend excellent sober living facilities as well.

Why Choose Clearview?

Clearview’s day treatment program is one of the only intensive programs in the country developed for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and BPD traits. It is also one of the only comprehensive DBT day treatment programs, allowing us to provide specialized treatment for the psychiatric disorders listed above.

At Clearview, we have expertise in the therapies needed to help you make a recovery from your disorder. Our day treatment program can be just what you need to get enough structure and support during the day to successfully manage your disorder and live your life free from debilitating symptoms.


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