At Clearview Women’s Center, we understand that family support is integral to successful symptom management and recovery. As such, we are focused on creating multiple opportunities for family to be involved in treatment.

FamilyDBT Skills Course

For the families of women enrolled in our residential treatment program, we provide a weekly Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills course. This course is designed to help you understand and become familiar with the DBT techniques your loved one is learning in treatment so that you can form better relationships and communication techniques with them. This course is provided weekly via telephone and led by one of our DBT therapists.

Free Family Support Group

For the families of clients enrolled in any of our treatment programs, we offer a free weekly family support group at our Westwood location. This group allows you to get the support you need from other families who are experiencing something similar. This group is held Tuesday nights and is led by one of our staff therapists.

Family Therapy

Sometimes it’s helpful for more than just your loved one to get support. Couples and family therapy sessions are available with your individual therapist or case manager upon request.


Families will be kept updated on the progress of treatment as desired, and links to other community resources are always at hand.


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